About LendCapital Mortgage

LendCapital.ca is one of the largest and most trusted financiers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario with a staff and network of more than 80 experts and private lenders. We offer the most noteworthy, skilled, highly qualified, licensed professionals to assist and help our clients with their financial solutions for those who have been turned down by the conventional lenders such as the big banks.

With stricter mortgage rules in Canada being enforced by the big banks due to government regulations, new and existing homeowners are seeking alternative solutions for their financing needs. In turn, these borrowers look to borrow from private or alternative lenders. This is where LendCapital.ca can help.

Since private lending in Ontario does not have to follow the same rules that the banks do, our network of private lenders and expertise offer more flexibility in finding a solution for your financing needs. We can provide our clients with first, second private residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, private lending, home equity lines of credit, construction financing, and debt consolidation. If you’ve been turned away from a bank, we may be able to help. As a LendCapital.ca client, this implies when different organizations state no to loaning, we figure out how to state yes.

We likewise specialize in business, mechanical or venture contract situation. This implies LendCapital.ca has organized commercial Loans from as meager as $50,000 up to $10,000,000.

LendCapital.ca and the majority of our chiefs and operators are individuals from The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals(CAAMP), and buy into its by-Laws, code of morals and measures of expert practice (CAAMP brags most Canada’s institutional moneylenders, including major contracted banks, as its individuals). We are likewise glad to be a piece of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association.

Mortgage Agents

Our Agents

Picking LendCapital.ca implies approaching a wide cluster of experts who can help you with the majority of your home loan needs. Our operators have the expected mastery to enable you to get the most ideal home loan. We set aside the opportunity to tune in to your necessities and we provide food our administrations to every individual customer. Peruse on to take in more about our operators and what separates us from the rest.

Home Loan Agents

The job of your home loan specialist is to lead contract exercises for LendCapital.ca under the supervision of an authorized home loan representative. So as to get your home loan specialist permit in Ontario with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) you should maintain the accompanying:

  • Be approved by a home loan financier
  • Be utilized by just a single home loan financier
  • Meet instructive necessities
  • Be a Canadian inhabitant
  • Have an Ontario street number

Our home loan specialists go well beyond to locate the best rates explicitly for you to meet the majority of your present needs.

Home Loan Agents

What is the job of a home loan agent? To say it essentially, they do the majority of the fundamental home loan exercises for the benefit of a home loan merchant. They unite borrowers and moneylenders to discover a home loan that is appropriate for all gatherings. A home loan specialist will consult for their customer to get the best arrangement. They additionally might be immediate administrators for home loan specialists.


The prerequisites for a home loan dealer permits are equivalent to a home loan specialist however with more experience. What’s more, there are increasingly instructive necessities and a test must be passed so as to procure appropriate permitting.


What Sets Us Apart

There are numerous favorable circumstances in picking LendCapital.ca over a bank. Our home loan specialists have a mastery that extends over the whole home loan advertise while banks are just ready to offer their very own items and rates. We can look around to different loan specialists so as to locate the correct rates dependent on your individual case.

LendCapital.ca likewise approaches elite arrangements. Our specialists can consult our customers to get the best rates and most reduced charges. We endeavor to influence the way toward getting a home loan as simple as could be allowed and will to loan bolster from the application procedure to anchoring the best home loan for you. We offer a wide scope of administrations that you can get to today by reaching us.